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Personal Message from the Webmistress

22 May 2010 | Category: Information | Author: Kym-Maree

Thankyou for visiting this site. 
Id just like to warn you of a few things, before you get comfy.

I will however state, that there is nothing visually graphic, but the story may upset you.  This is NOT a hoax site, it is about, and for my cousin who was murdered. NOTHING has happened.  NO ONE has been charged. and personally it seems like its been left to rest.. Its also made as a warning to people. To know and learn what is happening around them.  I personally hope this never happens to anyone else.

With the newspaper clippings, I had to seek permission to use these, that's why I have to have the java script on the site.   I'm sorry if it annoys you, but It was the only way I could  use the clippings.  Just click on which story you wish to read from the menu on the right.

Also due to spam, I had to delete the guestbook.  If you wish to comment on this site or anything. Please do not hesitate in emailing me.  id love to know you've been.

This is something very personal to me.. Heather was and always will be my cousin.  I do not wish to claim any fame or money out of this I just wish to find the killer... Who still walks free..   maybe harming others..
If you have any suggestions.. Feel free to email me..  at
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Site Updated

22 May 2010 | Category: Information | Author: Kym-Maree

OK, new site, hopefully this all pans out ok.

If you have any trouble with accessing news data please let me know.


Nothing has really happened since.. there have been "other" murders in our community... Some solved some not..  If you have any details, about this crime, or another, Please contact the local police, or BankSA Crimestoppers