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  1. Heather leaves her Largs Bay home on Friday morning, January 16, 1998.
  2. Heather meets a girlfriend near the corner of Semaphore Rd and the Esplanade, Semaphore, at noon on Friday, January 16.
  3. Daytime sighting of Heather on Semaphore Rd on Saturday, January 17.
  4. Sighting in Wills St, Largs Bay, near her home, also on January 17.
  5. Heather seen in Ashton Rd, Davoren Park, in the days before her murder.
  6. Sighting in Barret St, Smithfield Plains, in the days before her murder.
  7. Heather seen more than once at the Smithfield Plains shopping centre in the days before her murder.
  8. Body found in creek at Port Gawler on January 31.

New clues in teen murder inquiry

Neww information has lead detectives to Adelaides northern suburbs in their search for the killer of teenager Heather Turner. They believe the 16-year-old spent the days before her murder in the area with "a group of people" who may hold vital infomation about her death. A police officer looking for stolen cars discovered Heather's body in a mangrove-lined creek at Port Gawler, north of Adelaide, on January 31, 1998. She had been seen on more than one occasion at the Smithfield Plains Shopping Centre, on the corner of Peachy and Crittenden roads, before her disappearance. She was also seen in nearby Barrett St, Smithfield Plains, and Ashton Rd, Davoren Park. Detective Senior Sergeant Gerry Feltus, of the Major Crime Investgation Section, said yesterday Heather might have been visiting associates in the areas she was seen. "We have infomation that Heather was frequentting those areas with a group of people," he said. "We want to know who these people are and we would certainly like to speak to anyone in that group." While police declined to reveal further details, it is understood witnesses have said the "group" included - some Caucasian and some Aboriginal. Until now, detectives believed Heather was last seen in the vicinity of Wills St, Largs bay, near her home on Saturday, January 17. On the same day, she had also been seen near Semaphore Rd Semaphore. Around noon the previous day, Heather met a friend near the corner of Semaphore Rd and the Esplanade, Semaphore. It is unclear where she stayed on the Friday and Saturday nights. At the time of her murder Heather had been living with her parents at Largs Bay but it was not unusual for her to stay with friends for days at a time. As a result, she was not reported missing. The former Taperoo High School student had been working at Franklins Supermarket, Welland, until just before her death. Yesterday, Heather's family again appealed for infomation about the murder. Her aunt, Ms Janet Turner, said the family needed to know why Heather had died. "Our family is still having great difficulty coming to terms with this," she said. "We really need it to be finalised, for everyone's sanity. If there is any out there with infomation we would ask them to come forwards." When Heather met her friend at Semaphore, she was wearing a white crocheted beret, floral top. jeans and black Doc Martens-style boots. She was also carrying a black shoulder bag with distinctive "tweetie bird" motif. Anyone with infomation should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.

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