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$400,000 for unsolved murders


January 16, 2009 02:45pm

UP to $400,000 in reward money has been posted for information about two unsolved murders.

The State Government is offering up to $200,000 each for information leading to a conviction in the 1998 murder of Heather Dianne Turner, 16, and the 2003 murder of Andrew David Williamson, 41.

Heather's body was discovered by police on a routine patrol in Port Gawler on January 31, 1998, said Superintendent John Venditto from the Major Crime Branch.

She was last seen in Semaphore on January 16. Her distinctive Tweety Bird bag is still missing.

"The body had been fairly savagely bashed . . . (it was) partly submerged and the pathology results suggested that she may have been kept somewhere else before her body was dumped," Supt Venditto said.

"If a body's been kept for several days it must have been stored somewhere, it introduces the possibility of associates or people assisting.

"People maybe not necessarily involved with the murder, but with some knowledge of what happened in those days between her last sighting and the finding of the body two weeks later."

Supt Venditto said a "prime suspect" had been interviewed about the murder in 1998 and again in 2004.

"We're lacking that last bit of evidence."


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