At About 8.30pm on Saturday the 31st January 1998 the body of Heather Turner, was found by police at Port Gawler

Heather was 16 years of age, of slight build, 165cm (5'1") tall
and had fair hair. Friends say she always carried her large black shoulder bag which had a "Tweety" bird motive on the flap.

She was wearing a light coloured top, jeans, lace-up Doc Marten style boots and a distinctive white crocheted beret. Jewellery she was wearing included a silver ring in her navel, a purple coloured quartz crystal pendant on a leather thong around her neck and rings on her fingers.

It is known that she was on the Esplanade and Semaphore Road, Semaphore at about midday on Friday, 16 January 1998, where she met a female school friend. A short time later Heather left her friend intending to walk to her home nearby.

Anyone who can help assist police with any information about the movements of Heather
up to the time of her death are asked to contact Crimestoppers on
1800 333 000